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Our purpose

An efficient and innovative industry (2)

Our aim is to provide technology at the service of sustainability, life challenges, and human responsibility to their environment. We use digitalization to lead to ever-better industrial sustainability and carbon-neutral.

An organization supported by a digital data backbone is more agile, innovative, and resilient. That’s our conviction.

Our purpose

5.0 Industry means moving beyond “digital transformation”— it means implementing digital solutions to connect processes, platforms, and people across the entire project and asset lifecycle.

We provide resources such as process, content, technology and people which guide the way into a sustainable industry. We build architectures that give access to the right information, at the right time, to the right people, which prevent delays, reduce your costs and increase the effectiveness of project planning and execution.

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We contribute to transforming the industry by accelerating its digitalization. That's our mission ! 

We contribute to transforming the industry by accelerating its digitalization. That's our mission ! 

How ORINOX acts
to reduce CO2 emissions ?

As a leading industrial technology company, focused on accelerating digital transformation for industries worldwide, ORINOX is playing a key role in fast-tracking innovative industrial solutions that will support its customers and stakeholders in the journey towards a zero-carbon economy.


Good to know 

  • more than 20% of GHG emissions are generated by heavy industry
  • 4% of global GHG emissions are linked to the digital industry

Orinox acts to reduce CO2 emissions?

Extended Organization

Managing collaboration

Across extended organizations by leveraging a single platform for exchanging data.


Reduces the amount of energy needed to host, manage and maintain the IT infrastructure.

Orinox Centralizing your data

Offering a single point of entry to data, methods, and tools

Centralizing your data reduces errors and overconsumption of equipment.

Orinox Digital Tranformation

Having a people centric approach

Empower our workforce by using knowledge and know-how to create sustainable experiences.

Our approach

data management, from the engineering phase onwards, is a key lever for industrial transformation

Data-centric approach. To achieve efficiency and thus Industry 5.0, we need to move from digitization to digitalization and data management. More fundamentally, this data-centric approach creates a digital asset in perfect coherence with the physical asset, which is an important step in creating a digital twin.

Our approach

We have a distinctive culture, we embrace continuous change, looking ahead to anticipate your emerging needs.

We focus our efforts on the quality of our services and the development of applications specific to engineering, and our business know-how is integrated into our solutions and services. We see the potential of engineering data and work to enhance it because we believe data management, from the engineering phase onwards, is a key lever for industrial transformation: the transition to industry 5.0 and to eco-responsible industry.

For simultaneous engineering

We are agnostic. 
We do not believe in geographical or linguistic borders, but also and above all we will accept no borders of software publishers, cloud, type of project, or class of data. Our services and solutions work with any cloud, any software, any project, and any discipline.

We teach industrial engineering and operations teams to leverage the power and excellence of our software in a professional context and immerse them in realistic and engaging training exercises that replicate the design process across any sector.

For simultaneous engineering

An industry 5.0 strategy is the key to ensuring data consistency as it passes through various business disciplines and project phases.

This approach, based on the proper use of data hosted in the Cloud (private, public, or hybrid), aims to interconnect each physical facility, each iteration and each project phase. We work to transform engineering functions, methods and processes to enable sustainable innovation, boost performance and reduce costs.