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ORINOX received the “France Relance” award !


3 mins de lecture

Investing in an energy mix as well as in CO2 capture via reforestation

Thanks to our R&D (Research & Development) projects around innovative platforms for collaboration, structuring and visualization of industrial data, ORINOX’s strategy is in line with the French economic recovery plan. In addition, we focus our research and development on robust, independent and performance-optimized systems to limit CO2 emissions. This will to design resilient, efficient and sovereign systems is in line with the national strategy of business transition through innovation, with a responsible dimension.

The project REDOPI (REprésentation des DOnnées de grands et mégas Projets Industriels) in a few words : this project aims to create a dynamic digital twin, from data in any format (i.e. whatever CAD software solutions are chosen), and then to make it accessible on any type of device (web portal, android tablet etc.).

To answer these problems issues, it is necessary to remove many tchenological barriers to achieve the following objectives:

To facilitate access to these technologies around digital twins, we want to develop an “AnyCloud” approach that will allow ORINOX to offer its products regardless of the hosting solution used by the customer (customer’s own hosting or hosting by any cloud provider). The idea is to adapt to the server instances used by the customer to guarantee optimal performance in any case. The “AnyCloud” will also ensure a certain sovereignty of France and Europe in the hosting of data in front of the American behemoths, today leaders in the cloud market.

In 2020, we presented the REDOPI project to the EMC2 competitiveness cluster. The EMC2 committee, made up of experts and industrialists from the Pays de la Loire region (including Naval Group, LS2N, Clarté, etc.), supported the innovative nature of the project, and its positioning on the future. We obtained the EMC2 label, which allowed us to push REDOPI to obtain a PIA3 grant (Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir) from the French government and the Pays de la Loire region.

These fundings and supports finally allowed us to conduct a first feasibility study in 2021, which ended in a conclusive and promising Proof of Concept. So we will carry on our developments, with the aim of offering a complete and optimized solution for visualizing, structuring and collaborating around the datas of large and mega industrial projects.

Thanks to the R&D team for having carried this project to the “France Relance” award, and thanks to all Orinoxians who have participated from near of far (sometimes without knowing it!), to the success of this project, which is only the beginning…