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Who we are?

Who we are?

ORINOX is recognized worldwide by major industrial players for its engineering and digital services specializing in the digitalization of industrial facilities. Specialized in the development of innovative software solutions for monitoring and managing industrial infrastructures adapted to AVEVA solutions, ORINOX offers a set of professional skills to public and private stakeholders allowing to transform and sustain our industries to become Intelligent Industries.

We are growing. Faster than most.

Created in Chateaubriant in 2008 by Maxime Fourreau (AVEVA PDMS administrator), ORINOX is a young company born from a passion for plant design and AVEVA PDMS. The company has been developed around a strong vision: combining industrial expertise and software solutions to build the future of the industry in a more intelligent and collaborative way.

We believe that the crossing of our cutting-edge-software technologies expertise & deep industry knowledge is at the core of the 5.0 Industry revolution.

Maxime Fourreau CEO - ORINOX

We are one global team

We are one global team

Our mission is to become a global digitalization partner of Owner-Operator (OO) and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable industry.

180 ORINOX employees worldwide
200 clients served throughout more than 5 Countries
80 trusted partners in our ecosystem
+40% turnover per year120 industrial projects

We help our industries to overcome the 21st century challenges.

By helping them move into the digital world and accelerate their transformation to the Industry 5.0.

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Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, & Microelectronic

Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, & Microelectronic


Get to know us better?

Get to know us better?

We are authentic, our values reflect who we are and what we believe in. These fundamental rules make ORINOX uniquely trusted and respected by our customers and collaborators in the field of industrial plant engineering. We focus on the project and all else will follow.

Since its establishment, ORINOX has focused on the quality of its technical services and the development of our own engineering applications.

It’s best to do one thing and do it well. 
The core mission of ORINOX is to manage engineering projects using AVEVA and other software solutions. Our team of designers, developers, and administrators are dedicated exclusively to this focus and the perfection of techniques we have developed.

Our mission, constantly increase efficiency !

Our mission, constantly increase efficiency !

We understand that your company needs solutions, and you want them now. We prioritize, whenever possible, the automatic processing of plans and ensure that any redundancies or unnecessary data are removed from catalogs and system components.

As a result, we drastically improve the time spent on designing. Our processes are developed with the purpose of addressing the diversity of needs and sizes of our partners’ industrial projects. We are the first users of our modules, and this allows us to provide customers with the highest quality of modeling and design solutions.

Engineering and IT experts

We accelerate digital transformation at industrial companies, and we have our own way of doing it.

Always be looking ahead

It is our job to solve your technical or methodological problems. ORINOX strives to anticipate the emerging needs of users. We wrote our own methods for using PLM tools, with the intention to be compatible with both, large and small projects, shall it be at home or abroad. Our methods are already embraced by many of our customers, and we genuinely encourage their usage so as to install renewed common practices and permit simplified PDMS usage.

Exercise common sense

Techniques are as important to us as breathing. They are an indispensable element of every design project. Our company is dedicated to the rules and techniques of our field, paired with a desire to continually enhance our projects and increase our level of expertise.

Designed to cross all borders

Our company was founded in France, but our mission is to facilitate access to AVEVA PDMS systems internationally. Our solutions have been tested and shown to be both reliable and largely universal. We are eager to continuously improve our services to meet the needs of new clients and improve international accessibility.

Our core values are
innovation, fun, and responsibility.

We are proud of our open culture that attracts a diverse group of people who have the opportunity to improve their skills by working closely with customers and collaborators to deliver amazing services.