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OX Dashboard

Visualize project progress and the quality of your data.

Visualize project progress and the quality of your data.


ORINOX DashBoard is a solution developed to help data managers, project managers, OO (Owner Operator) and EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) to have a clear vision on the project data, enhance its quality and anticipate handover issues.

It offers smart visualization of project data using Business Intelligence technology from the market’s leader: Microsoft Power BI. It automatically checks that the data is valid, intelligible, structured, and accurate.

This global solution enables you to briefly visualize the quality of your data, the progress of your project, and monitor costs and data consistency between databases. It provides full control of the digital asset and allows to gradually enhance the quality and value of data.

Business benefits

ORINOX Dashboard is stored on-premises or on OCWS, automatically checks the latest data of the project from all AVEVA solutions (E3D/PDMS, Diagrams, Paragon, Engineering, Electrical, Instrumentation, Draw…) and other engineering databases, calculates costs and progress, and provides a visualization with advanced Business Intelligence technologies.

Data Centric

Ensure a reliable Asset Lifecycle Management using accurate data directly and automatically extracted from Databases.

High quality

ORINOX Quality of service

Enhance the quality of your data and project thanks to integrated quality check tools. Detect poor quality early and use a progressive handover approach.


Reduce reworks and easily access information through a unique dashboard. Increase by 20% your overall labor productivity by reducing the impact of poor data quality. Control design conformance


Share data and project progress with every project contributor. Compatible with web portals such as AVEVA NET, and cloud hosting solutions such as OCWS.

Explore Dashboard integrated plugins

Control and enhance the quality of your engineering data.
OX Dashboard is a solution for analyzing the quality of project data.


It includes an integrated quality check tool that allows checking engineering data, and ensuring it follows standards, project specifications, and requirements - Pre-configure of checks


Measure contractors ‘performance and reduce handover issues using a progressive approach thanks to early detecting of poor data quality. - Dashboard customization - Import and read data from AVEVA / SQL / Excel


Thanks to automatic and periodical updates, it can be used to validate project milestones, monitor teams and contractors’ performances - 5min package installation - Automatic updates (daily/weekly/milestones)


ORINOX DashBoard is also compatible for sharing within AVEVA NET and many other hosting solutions / web-based portal. Data can be stored within an enterprise server, or on the cloud (compatible with OCWS). - Sharing configuration - Formatting with various visuals

OX Master Settings, your next success key!

OX Master Settings, your next success key!

Both the owner operator and engineering contractor will be able to save costs, enhance data quality, and monitor project progress, costs, and data consistency with ORINOX DashBoard.


Do you need to reduce your rework costs and anticipate handover issues?