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Technical and Business Support

Deliver meaningful impact faster with ORINOX Professional Services.

Through this pool, made up of Industry experts, many have 20+ years of experience, we offer strong customer support services, demonstrating our ability to answer industrial technical business and general installation design issues and to put in place rituals and tools to increase efficiency and on-time delivery.

Deliver meaningful impact faster with ORINOX Professional Services.

We can help you plan, design, implement, operate, monitor, and manage your project, moreover, we can outsource the engineers, technicians, and consultants needed from our professional and certified pool of experts.

Our level of services

With a service model built on a philosophy of adaptability, scalability, and expertise, we provide our customers the support required for all their digital transformation. We have 3 levels of services : professionnel services, support, and managed services available on-site or in-house. 

ORINOX Expertise

Expertise on-demand

We offer expert consulting, resident engineering, and super users on call to help you with short-term tasks or long-term strategic projects.

ORINOX Technical support

Technical support

We provide a dedicated team of select experts available to quickly resolve your support issues. Available on-site, hybrid, and remote.

ORINOX Operate and maintain

Operate and maintain

We develop in-house skills with training and personalized guidance, or we can augment your team with our expert resources.

ORINOX Management Particular Cases

Management particular cases

We provide engineer best practices for new projects, implement enhancements to application architecture, prepare for commissioning, and/or leverage experts on standby when you go live with new applications

ORINOX expert community.

Expertise is a key driver of success and performance, and a differentiation in our market. By providing our experts with a supportive and stimulating environment, we encourage innovation, improve R&D capabilities and nourish our collective intelligence.” Maxime Fourreau, President, ORINOX

ORINOX expert community.

This is where anyone—customers, partners, students, Orinoxian’s, and others—can come together to collaborate, ask questions, share knowledge, and support each other in their everyday work efforts. Each solution, concept, or topic area has its answer. Its goal is to gather and share all the know-how of ORINOX and give our customers access to methodological guides, guides to good practices, requirements, manual training and exercises. 

Exchange plateform

Exchange plateform

On the exchange platform, members can start topics, talk about good practices or ask technical questions. They can also enrich the platform by sharing their own content thanks to the « Sandbox » place and make the community live and grow. The main goal of this tool is that each employee, even on a mission at a client’s, is never alone and can ask for assistance from the ORINOX team and its skills at any time.