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Maxime Fourreau – Founder CEO


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“The people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do. Steve Jobs

Maxime Fourreau is an autodidact, passionate about computers, science and technology. In 2000, after failing his scientific baccalaureate for the second time, he began his career with temporary assignments as a welder and pipe fitter in the pharmaceutical and microelectronics sectors.

After 3 years on site, he undertakes in 2004 a professional training as a draftsman in boiler making and industrial piping.
He continued his career by joining Boccard as an Autocad draughtsman, but quickly became responsible for the deployment of the AVEVA PDMS (Design, Draft, Paragon, Isodraft) solution within the group’s Agri-food division. He will take over the management of the design office at the end of 2006. It recruits and trains its teams. Total number of staff at the end of 2007, 22 draftsmen & designers.

Based on his experience with AVEVA, he created his own service company ORINOX in 2008 with the clear objective of helping design offices implement digital solutions to enhance the value of their project engineering data throughout the life cycle of an industrial facility. The main challenges have been identified for engineering firms specializing in the energy sector, particularly nuclear power.

“Digital must be at the service of life or not be, that’s our responsibility.”

With ORINOX, I have chosen to take up what I believe to be a major challenge: to help heavy industries make the right decisions. To do this, the men and women who make up the industry need the right information at the right time.