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Sébastien Laheux – Director of operations


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“Industry is changing with the creation of digital twins. The challenges of digitalizing information and changing organizations are becoming more horizontal and collaborative. PLM and a data-centric approach allow industries to make the right decisions at every stage of industrial projects, from design to construction and from operation to deconstruction.”

Career :

In 2020, he joined Orinox as Director of Operations France. He structured the organization, which now includes more than 150 employees organized into 4 B.U. (AT with 5 agencies in France, CDS with two design offices and a managed services hub, Training and Industry 4.0 software solution provider).

“Proud to carry the values and strategy of ORINOX”

Innovation with the development of software solutions, the responsibility to develop the structure via a CSR approach and the pleasure of working with a real community of connected experts, capable of integrating, implementing, customizing and deploying reliable technical solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of the industry.

Expertises :

Strengths : 

Weaknesses: No international experience, very limited academic English