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Alexandre Leroy – Production manager


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“A construction or engineering project involves a multitude of constantly changing data. Regardless of the amount of information in the field, a lot of data is collected and used from the design to the execution phase of the project. This is where the Digital Twin comes in. Throughout the life of any construction project, it allows the different stages to be organized or the different components to be assessed, in a collaborative fashion, between all the stakeholders. With its dual expertise in business and tools, Orinox has been accompanying this transformation from the most modest projects to the most important and challenging projects of our modern society.

Career :

Alexandre Leroy received an F1 baccalaureate (mechanical engineering). He spent the first part of his career in the design offices of various designer-builders of wastewater treatment plants (Bectra International and then Lyonnaise des Eaux), where he held operational positions as a draughtsman and then group leader.

Approached by Degremont-Suez Environnement in 2009, he took charge of the General Installation/Piping Discipline on large-scale international projects (average turnover 100M€, permanent staff, direct management of 60 people). In addition, it was at this time that he called upon Orinox. The Aveve suite became the  reference tool for the group’s worldwide design offices.

“Proud to carry ORINOX’s values and strategy”

innovation with the development of software solutions, the responsibility to develop the structure in a CSR approach and the pleasure to work with a real community of connected experts, capable of integrating, implementing, customizing and deploying reliable technical solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of the industry.”

Expertise : 

Experienced in multi-business engineering studies, change management and service center creation/transformation.

Strengths : 

Good communication, passionate about the world of engineering, lucky enough to have followed the evolution of methods from the drawing board to the digital twin.