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Maxime Guillois – Solution architect


Chief Operating Officer and Solution Architect LinkedIn

“A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.”

Simon Sinek

Maxime Guillois is a graduate of La Joliverie (Nantes)

He started his career at Kuhn Huardin 2007 as a designer. He developed a safety system for agricultural ploughs which was subsequently patented.

He continued his career in the medical field at Getinge Lancer. He managed a project for three years where he developed a new machine for drying and preserving the bacteriological state of endoscopes. CAD design and calculation notes, supplier management, prototyping, project management. The machine was marketed worldwide and the drying system is patented.

He met Maxime Fourreau in 2012 and was immediately drawn to the values and ambitions of ORINOX. He started as a draftsman, then became a trainer. He was promoted quickly, becoming a project manager and administrator. He is in charge of project management for the construction of ORINOX’s future head office.

“Respect is a key value in my daily life”.

Respect for employees, partners and customers. This allows us to have a clear course of action and to achieve our objectives. Ensuring employees develop and carry out missions that match their objectives is also an important part of my role. This allows us to bring on board new resources and retain our talent.