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JAO 2023


A look back at this long-awaited event!

After 2 years without a face-to-face Annual ORINOX Day (JAO), we resumed this Orinox tradition by meeting up in Tours on 22 September 2023.

Arriving by car, train, bus or motorbike, we started the day with a welcome coffee, then collected our ORINOX gifts. Once we were equipped with our totebag, notebook, t-shirt and polo shirt (yes, we had heard that some of them needed to renew their ORINOX wardrobe!), we attended the managers’ presentations, which enabled us to see the changes in our organisation, some success stories, innovations, opportunities and software news.
The CSE also took the floor to introduce itself to the new employees and remind them of its missions.

What a pleasure to see everyone in the flesh!

We took another break to regain our strength before embarking, in teams, on “the adventurers of the planet”, an activity led by Banana Events, who accompanied us throughout the JAO.

This activity, based on the 4 elements: water, fire, earth and wind, showed us that courage, solidarity, innovation, fun, competition, cheating, strategy 💪🧠 … make up ORINOX! We even witnessed an unbalanced but funny race between 2 diametrically opposed sand yacht concepts, made by us!

At the end of the day, we got together for a Hollywood-style evening. Our Orinoxians dressed up to celebrate this long-awaited reunion. After an aperitif, we had dinner and took part in a cinema quiz. Hollywood also means the Oscars, with nods to some of our stars: to each his own!
As always, the evening was a festive one, with plenty of drinks, photos and dancing on the dancefloor 🕺💃!

The next morning, ORINOX was in slow motion. Fortunately, the Miellerie Tourangelle 🐝, which we’ve been sponsoring for a year as part of a CSR project, was able to captivate us with its presentations of the beekeeping profession, from the life of a beehive to the making of honey. We were all enthralled by Mr Videira’s explanations before sampling different honeys. And everyone was able to pick up a jar of ORINOX honey from the harvest we had supported.

We took another break for a bite to eat, and ended the day with some activities in Squid Game mode, the hit series where if you lose… you die ☠! Marble games, puzzles, 1, 2, 3 sunshine and crazy tug-of-war….

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part in this 2023 edition of our JAO: your good humour and pleasure at being there once again meant we were able to leave with our heads full of memories and looking forward to meeting up again!