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ORINOX is a fast-growing company, but we seek to maintain the creative and collaborative mindset established by the original team.

ORINOX is a fast-growing company, but we seek to maintain the creative and collaborative mindset established by the original team.

Good relationships, team spirit, and communication are important to us! We are aware that these have been key elements of our success so far, and we want them to be sustainable. In addition, ORINOX is an inclusive company, and we are always trying to increase the diversity of our team.

Inclusion and Diversity

We believe the cosmopolitan atmosphere at ORINOX is crucial for our company’s progress and the success of our global business and culture. Human Resources pays careful attention to gender equality, preventing discrimination, and providing equality of opportunities.

A workforce with diverse backgrounds and perspectives opens the door to innovative solutions, but we need our employees also to feel welcome and supported in sharing their unique experiences, voicing their disagreement, and offering new ideas.

Make your impact on the world.

Make your impact on the world.

As a responsible company, we consider making a social impact to be more than just a verbal commitment: it’s built into ORINOX culture through our work and actions. We’re tackling the global climate crisis by making heavy industries more sustainable.

We also consider and act according to  social, societal, human, economic and environmental aspects, both in our internal relations with our employees, and in our external relations with our customers, suppliers and partners.

To continue this line of commitments and values, our company has joined the United Nations Global Compact since 07/31/2018.

Professional and Personal Growth

We facilitate the one-to-one dialogue in order to learn about our collaborators’ personal expectations. To do so, we implement several processes:

Personal Annual Review

Regular checkpoints with managers

Feedbacks on the assigned tasks and trainings

Network of advisors

Cross and collective communication

Each team member is encouraged to give a testimony on their experience which helps to provide all the actors with a strong amount of information regarding the news and the strategy. Moreover, we regularly organize team building events to strengthen team spirit while sharing knowledge:

Integration Day

Collaborative platform

Mentors network

Teambuilding events

ORINOX take your skills to the next level.

ORINOX take your skills to the next level.

A customized integration program 
Everyone who joins ORINOX receives a personal introduction plan: it’s both a source of in-depth knowledge about the company, its activities and processes and a guide of the specific opportunities it offers for your professional path.

Personalized training and career path 
Developing your knowledge and skills is a constant and essential part of your experience at ORINOX. Our training plan is designed to meet your individual needs.

An international dimension for your career
ORINOX offer a wide range of destinations to extend your professional and personal horizons. Geographical mobility can be one of the features of a career at ORINOX.

Employee Benefits

Our people are our top priority. To make our employees feel genuinely valued, we support each Orinoxian with a comprehensive employee benefits package, including:

- Employee share purchase plan
- Flexible working (teleworking 2d/week)
- €19 business expenses