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ORINOX, soon to be “Les Bureaux du Cœur »


In line with our social and environmental commitments, we are keen to participate in “Les Bureaux du
Coeur” project.

What is it?

The association “les Bureaux du Cœur” was born in Nantes in 2018. The idea is to offer the use of our offices, when they are empty (evenings and weekends) to accommodate someone who has no accommodation.
The aim is not to “create new temporary shelters, but to offer individual emergency accommodation over a relatively “long” period (3 to 6 months) to people in very precarious situations: students living in
poverty, women who have suffered domestic violence, people undergoing reintegration…”.

To achieve this, “les Bureaux du Cœur” relies on local associations whose mission is oriented towards reintegration. These “partner” associations present companies volunteering to become hosts with a guest who is on the road to reintegration, and who meets all the following criteria: a single person, of legal age, with no addiction or hygiene problems, and no need for specific medical treatment.

These people are often close to reintegration. Les Bureaux du Cœur offers them a framework of stability, security and privacy, within company offices that encourage cooperation and the activation of networks on the part of managers and their staff.

These privileged, informal contacts with the company’s staff encourage and accelerate the reintegration process overseen by the partner association.

Our project

As part of our ongoing commitment to society and the environment, ORINOX wishes to make a contribution.

Step 1: Establish contact with the “Bureaux du Cœur” to benefit from the advice and support of a referent from the association. We contacted the “Bureaux du Cœur” association in April 2023 and again in August 2023, proposing that our Châteaubriant headquarters could be a host. To date, we haven’t had any offers.

Step 2: preparing the reception area. We will certainly have to make some adjustments and changes to the configuration of the space, but this will not involve any costly work.

Step 3: Validate the legal aspects. We will then take steps to ensure compliance, notably with our insurance company.

Step 4: Give the green light. We’ll review the situation with our referent to ensure we’re well organized, keep you informed and become a “Bureaux du Coeur” in our own right.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed of progress on this project, which is very close to our hearts.