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Use Case

Orinox deploys AVEVA Net services


May 2016

AVEVA Net is a solution for managing, accessing, visualizing, and comparing technical data and documents across multiple users and sources from a centralized web interface. This interface is easy to use and simple to navigate. Complex data allows for multiple levels of security and access.

In January 2015, ORINOX completed an initial training course to deploy AVEVA Net training services for AVEVA NET WORKHUB and DASHBOARD and GATEWAYS.

User-friendly interface

Until now, no digital asset management software has offered a comprehensive overview of the data produced throughout the life cycle of a project:

AVEVA Net allows full visualization of the entire digital asset associated with an industrial site, including P&ID, object attributes, 3D models, and isometrics. This solution provides significant value for both Owner-Operators and EPCs who manage large-scale projects.

AVEVA Net offers the following:

Principal functionalities

Once the data is standardized and verified in AVEVA Net Workhub, the use may access and view the data using the AVEVA NET DASHBOARD, and make informed decisions.

 Offres ORINOX

ORINOX service offerings for AVEVA Net

ORINOX proposes an effective workflow to maintain data integrity from the FEED to the operation stage and leverage a compliant, consistent, and complete digital asset.