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ORINOX 2021 Annual Day (JAO 2021)


Every year, for one day, ORINOX’s teams get together to review the past year and future projects for the company, around a convivial moment. In this period of health crisis, the organizers propose a 100% digital, colorful, and innovative 2021 edition.

Every year, for one day, ORINOX’s teams get together to review the past year and future projects for the company, around a convivial moment. In this period of health crisis, the organizers propose a 100% digital, colorful, and innovative 2021 edition.


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The JAO of ORINOX (ORINOX Annual Day), a historical event.

For more than 10 years, ORINOX has made it a point of honor to organize a special day for its employees every year. Historically organized by Maxime Fourreau, with the help of Emilie Gautier, the organization of the JAO was entrusted this year to Morgane Maury, Director of Human Resources.


The purpose of this event, which is engraved in ORINOX’s DNA, is to unite the teams around ORINOX’s ambitions, to share the ORINOX project with all employees, and to give each department a long-term vision of common projects. Since most ORINOX employees are on assignment with customers, this JAO is essential for distilling the company spirit in everyone and giving visibility to the company’s strategy. For ORINOX, this day truly brings employees back to the company’s values, which are based on innovation, responsibility and fun, and whose raison d’être remains the digitalization of industrial companies for a more sustainable world. It is also an opportunity to look back on the projects carried out and the successes of the past year, highlighting all the company’s businesses.


« ORINOX is not a traditional service company. Positioned as experts in making the industrial world more sustainable, we want to bring our employees back to our raison d’être with this JAO. This day allows us to see each other, to get to know each other, and to share a convivial moment around our common values ».

Morgane Maury, Director of Human Resources at ORINOX and organizer of the JAO.


The JAO 2021, an extraordinary edition

To organize this 2021 edition, Morgane Maury was confronted with several obstacles, linked to the health crisis. Far from wanting to cancel this fun and historic day, the human resources director decided to call on a specialized event agency to digitalize the entire JAO, which will therefore be divided into several phases. The objective was to combine two diametrically opposed concepts: conviviality, and the isolation caused by the respect of barrier gestures. To do this, Morgane Maury has seen things in big, by organizing the shooting of several programs dedicated to this JAO, on Parisian and Castelbriant sets.


These programs will be broadcast via a platform dedicated to the event: the “TV ORINOX SHOW”. Starting in mid-June and lasting two weeks, employees will be able to log on to this platform to watch a program each day, which will vary in length from five to ten minutes. These 10 episodes will be available to all ORINOX employees, whether they are on permanent or fixed-term contracts, on a work-study program, or on an internship. The goal is for everyone to be able to watch the day’s episode at the most convenient time. For a very high-quality result, ORINOX has called on a professional presenter, who will host these programs along with certain members of the management team.


Among the topics proposed, Maxime Fourreau, President of ORINOX, and Sébastien LAHEUX, Director of Operations for France, will talk about the highlights of 2020, while reminding everyone of the company’s raison d’être, through numerous focuses on our differentiating expertise, such as the nuclear industry or AVEVA. This meeting will also be an opportunity to present ORINOX’s products, from several teams. Finally, prospects for the coming years will be discussed, with the aim of always giving more visibility on the future and meaning to employees.


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At the end of this series of episodes, there will be a big quiz, with questions on all these programs.

For the five employees with the highest scores, the following prizes will be offered by ORINOX and delivered directly to the winners’ homes:

1#: A television worth €2,500

2#: A cell phone of your choice, with a maximum budget of €1,500

3#: Three virtual reality headsets, worth €500 each

A first JAO organized by Morgane Maury


Morgane Maury, Director of Human Resources, is delighted to be taking the reins of this JAO, one year after her arrival at ORINOX. Initially asked by ORINOX’s management to conduct an HR audit, she took a keen interest in the company’s problems and specificities in order to develop recommendations for action plans for the teams. Strengthened by the success of her recommendations and touched by the HR team, their skills, and ORINOX’s values, Morgane Maury naturally accepted the job offer made by Maxime Fourreau following her intervention.


                                                  JAO 2021   3


During this first year, Morgane Maury tackled several projects, including the daily management of the health crisis internally, the ORINOX job repository, and maintaining jobs during this troubled period. In addition, Morgane Maury has distinguished herself by structuring and expanding ORINOX’s HR department, positioning the HR department to support the other departments, while doing considerable work to continue offering training to all employees, thus promoting their skills development, and maintaining their employability.


With this JAO, Morgane Maury wants to create a real “wow” effect among ORINOX employees, by taking the opposite side of the health crisis. The idea is to continue to share convivial moments together, while celebrating ORINOX’s successes and rewarding the employees who are the first actors of this success.