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Social Responsability on a daily basis


Since the beginning of ORINOX, CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) has been a key issue for our company. To give concrete expression to this commitment to environmental and social issues, we develop concrete actions on a daily basis.

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2018, this commitment encourages us, like all its members, to respect its ten founding principles based on human rights, international labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.


Sustainable development in our DNA

Through our mission to transform heavy industries by offering massive digitization of their engineering processes, we support our customers to help them limit their impact on the environment.

If sustainable development issues are part of ORINOX’s DNA, we strive every day to minimize and limit our impact. This is achieved through concrete actions on a daily basis. Our Greencloud servers are a perfect example !

Indeed, the consumption of our servers is 100 % offset. However, carbon neutrality does not prevent us from thinking about other solutions to offset the warming induced by ours servers.

Part of our teams started working via the scheme in 2018 and we want to gradually witch all of our employees and customers to it.

ORINOX’s financial partners : Arkéa Capital and Siparex PDL (Pays De Loire croissance); are signatories, like ORINOX, of the UN Global Compact and, as a result, are very vigilant on societal and environmental issues. As such, each year we must answer a questionnaire drawn up by each of them, in order to present the actions implemented as part of our CSR approach.


Environment and work equipment

All of our decisions have a societal impact. We therefore take this parameter into account in all of them and we ask ourselves on a daily basis how we can minimize or offset our impact:

   tools still working but no longer powerful enough for our company but which can be offered at a preferential rate to our employees;

   tools that are no longer working but whose parts can be given to local repairers;


Equality and mixity in the workplace

Our societal actions do not stop there ! We can also highlight:


Locals actions and approach

No matter what service is chosen: we think local!

ORINOX has set up several local parternships, such as for ourtdoor maintenance with an ESAT (Etablissement ou Service d’Aide au Travail), but also for the suplly of fabric masks since the beginning ot the pandemic we are going through. Let’s not forget either the eco-responsible choise of the gifts sent to each collaborateir within the framework of our last JAO (Annual Orinox Day) but also the continuous collection of papers that we deposit with the schools of Erbray, wich in their turn call upon companies of selective sorting which allocate them in return allowances thus making it possible to finance ths chool outings of the students.

In short, you understood it, we prefer to buy local and/or eco-responsible!


And for 2022 ?

In order to act in the long term, we must continually implement new actions!

this is why, for example, in 2022 we want to join the “Positive Companies” group of companies in order to be able to exchange on CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) practives but also to have a policy entirely dedicated to the fight against corruption.


Pour agir sur le long terme, il faut continuellement mettre en place de nouvelles actions !