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Behind the scenes of payroll department.


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According to them, their work is passionating and far from being monotonous. When asked about their jobs, Ludivine Bomme and Maëva Delourme, from payroll department, had us take notes for they have so much to do. Let us meet two captivating collaborators fascinated by their jobs.

    Maëva Delourme and Ludivine Bomme in Châteaubriant offices. Picture taken in accordance with sanitation guidelines and social distancing.

Maëva and Ludivine agree: to become a payroll expert, best get along with numbers … but there is more to it ! Knowledge in labor laws and social laws is required along with administrative skills. Other important qualities are not to be forgotten such as rigor, organizational skills, reactivity, discretion, respect of professional confidentiality and sense of relationship.

From school benches to Orinox’s « challenges »

After completing both an Advanced Vocational Diploma as a management assistant and a diploma in payroll knowledge enhancement, Ludivine worked for 10 years as a Management Assistant in a SME. « I applied at Orinox when I heard about an available Payroll/ HR Assistant position. I already knew of this company thanks to Angélique who is Orinox’s accountant but also a friend of mine. » She adds: « My position is polyvalent and constantly evolving. That is what I like the most. »

As for Maëva, she completed both an Advanced Vocational Diploma in Business Accounting and Organization Management and a professional degree in Payroll and Social Administration: «  I quit my job in Chapelle-sur-Erdre to come at Orinox for I wanted my work to be closer to my home. I was first hired as a HR Assistant, then I became a Payroll/HR Assistant; now I am a Payroll Administrator. » She outlines : « As the company is continuously growing, our missions are also changing: this allows us to develop professionally. We never get bored here ! ».

Payroll department daily routine

According to those two coworkers, it is easily understandable that days are busy ! Maëva highlights her missions : «  the first 10 days of the month are dedicated to the creation of pay slips and to the transfers of wages in France, then until the 15th, we do the social declarations and the monthly closure in the payroll management software. The last 15 days of the month are dedicated to the final settlement and to the software updating with newly-hired profiles or any other relevant changes if need be. We also deal with the treatment of sick leaves, the transfers of deposits, the operating procedures and the regulatory monitoring about legislation.

The last 2 days of the month are dedicated to international wages ». Ludivine adds: « As for me, I work as a back-up with Maëva for the pay dimension and with Angélique for the accounting dimension. I am also in charge of validating timesheets, bills of expenses and absence requests. Finally, I am the one writing mission orders and handling luncheon vouchers ». From HR department to financial department, including the IT manager and the executive assistant, Ludivine and Maëva are in daily contact with many Orinox collaborators. This complementarity is of paramount importance for the proper functioning of the company.

Social laws and legislation keep on changing, therefore payroll-related jobs are strict and require rigor and good analytical abilities. One also needs to be attentive, communicative, ready to help at any time, all while remaining available.

The more the company expands, the more Maëva encounters new challenges. She explains: « The more collaborators there are, the more we face diverse problems and specific cases to handle ».

Gentle integration

Ludivine explains that she was « well-integrated from the start ». Quite easy when the colleagues are no strangers ! Indeed, Ludivine and Angélique Hautbois, management assistant, were friends before Orinox.

When Maëva started 9 years ago, Orinox was still a small company … with only 20 employees. She already knew Émilie, executive assistant. She says « 1 month and a half after I was hired, a business seminar was held at Disney, which allowed me to meet all collaborators in a very nice context ». Ludivine enjoys Orinox’s pleasant atmosphere and job flexibility. Now, the two friends and colleagues praise the balance between professional and personal lives. Professionally speaking, those two women understand each other, but another relationship binds them as well: « our daughters are the same age and in the same class, therefore we are not simple « colleagues ».

Let us bet that other challenges await Ludivine and Maëva to support Orinox’s growth.

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