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AVEVA PDMS & E3D multi-discipline catalogs expertise


Orinox will guide your company to the successful completion of engineering design projects. Experienced and professional, our employees will provide solutions adapted to your needs.

AVEVA PDMS & E3D Catalogs and specifications

Creation and update of AVEVA PDMS™ and AVEVA Everything3D™ multi-discipline catalogs and specifications: piping, steelworks, civil engineering, HVAC, cable trays, supports and equipment.

We have created an efficient and reliable catalog management methodology which is detailed in our creation and management of catalogs guide.

Manufacturer Catalogs

It has become apparent that suppliers are chosing to propose their product as 3D catalogs using PDMS or E3D in order to integrate them in 3D models and facilitate the conception of industrial installations. Orinox guides the manufacturers wishing to make their product available to their clients as AVEVA PDMS™ and AVEVA E3D™ catalogs. The following is a non-comprehensive list of catalogs available online.

AVEVA PDMS & E3D Master Catalog

Orinox can also propose to the engineering companies and the owner operators the realization of their PDMS or E3D master catalog, for all types of 3D components including: Piping, Steelworks, Civil engineering, HVAC, Cable trays, Supports and Equipment. With its reputed know reputation and experience in the creation of PDMS catalogs, Orinox can ensure you a quick deployment of components on a wide range of standards and suppliers. Our AVEVA PDMS expertise includes but not limited to:

Piping   Catalog


Structure Catalog


Cable Tray Catalog


Equipment Catalog