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Human Resources

Our tips to prepare for your interview.


3 mins de lecture

Research the sector and company.

Further your knowledge of the company and its activity. Learn more about plan design and the AVEVA software solutions.

Recruiters will then be able to assess your curiosity and your interest in the industry

Prepare for your oral presentation.

Show us your rigor and your ability to synthesize. You should back your career plans and personal interests with precise examples. Recruiters will enjoy a clear and structured speech, and consider it a sign of your preparation of the interview. When telling them about your previous experiences, show them how your application is logically articulated in your career path

Create an exchange.

If there is any aspect of the company you do not understand properly, do not hesitate to ask questions. It will show your interest in the company and its industries.

Be yourself

The recruiter expects you to be yourself. See the interview as a way to demonstrate your motivation and professionalism. We are always looking for team spirit and interpersonal skills in our future coworkers. We believe those are essential elements in your professional development.