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Programs and certifications

Training by us. Recognized by the world.

*Training certified by ORINOX. We will issue you a certificate attesting to your level of qualification following the training with regard to our expertise in AVEVA solutions.


Training by us. Recognized by the world.

ORINOX certified* training is an investment in your career, recognized wherever you go.

Our training schools reflect the experience and knowledge of AVEVA solutions and BIM acquired for more than 20 years with the largest oil and gas industries. We design training courses with titles and certifications adapted to the objectives of each person, and eligible for financing. 


Every year, we invest in modular and personalized training programs for AVEVA tools, but also in specific on-demand training courses (industrial installation, piping, etc.), providing more than 10,000 hours of training in 2021. Our programs are accompanied by certifications which are recognized and validated by the profession. 

More than just training in a tool, ORINOX certified courses are designed to give you all the skills you need to do your job.


Learn at your own pace!

You follow ORINOX courses over several days, over a maximum period of 12 months, either face-to-face or in a remote classroom, and then you validate the knowledge acquired with a day of training, either face-to-face or remote.


Learn at your own pace!

Our training programs are adapted to all skill levels: beginners to discover the best practices of digital solutions, or experienced to develop skills on complementary modules (Administration, Catalog).




A complete training program

We will find a solution for every situation, always with your objectives in mind.



Predefined training carried out according to the training program (duration, prerequisites, etc.).

A la carte

You select the days which interest you in the program according to the needs of your employees.


We develop a customized program, and you will will benefit from support throughout the process.

ORINOX certifications*

ORINOX certifications*

ORINOX offers certification paths for many technical jobs. Each of these certifications involves passing a series of exams to achieve certification which proves you are keeping pace with today’s technical requirements and roles.

ORINOX Training is QUALIOPI certified.

In August 2021, Orinox Formation proved its compliance with the 23 quality indicators defined by law by obtaining QUALIOPI certification.



Why certify?

Encouraged by the 2018 Avenir professionnal law, skills certification has advantages both for the employee and their company.

Benefits to the employee ?

Adding value to your experience and training path
Prepare your career development in accordance with the needs of the market
Obtain official recognition by major players in the national and international markets.

Benefits for businesses ?

Comply with the law on the freedom to choose one's professional future
Provide a lever for employee motivation and performance
Facilitate skills management and recruitment by relying on business standards recognized by market players.
Promote inter-organizational collaboration by sharing a common language and processes
Guarantee a standard of quality